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Akrivis Wealth provides financial peace of mind, making your money work hard for you.
Financial Planning that is clear, simple and easily understood, to ensure you achieve your goals.

Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Alister Gaines, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

We remove the complexity of the financial world, ensuring clients do not need to worry about their financial future. We spend time understanding our client’s circumstances to create, manage and monitor financial plans which help to achieve their goals.

Being fully independent means that we have access to the full marketplace when considering solutions. We create straightforward jargon free financial plans, ensuring that clients understand the basis of our advice. These plans are continually tested and assessed as part of our financial health check process meaning that as life changes the plan does too.

Building long term relationships through the provision of face to face advice is important to us, but this is backed up by leading technology to provide information in a readily available format.



Rest assured that during these difficult times, Akrivis Wealth is fully operational to assist clients with all of their financial planning needs.

We have a range of technology solutions available to reduce the impact of current restrictions, ensuring continuation of our high service levels.

Additionally, we are also available to help new clients looking to review their finances and create long term financial plans.

If we can be of assistance please use the contact form on our website.