Does the thought of retirement give you sleepless nights?

Our aim is to reduce the complexity associated with planning your retirement.

Since pension simplification or “A Day” in 2006, the rules have change regularly.  This means that although the onus, now more than ever, is on you to save for your own retirement, the rules have become more complicated and confusing.

One of the highest value added tasks we can perform is to cut through the smoke and mirrors to create a plan that helps you to stay focused on your goals and objectives.  We help provide you with the income, capital and peace of mind to enjoy your retirement.

Retirement may no longer be a one off event and the transition may come in stages.  This means that your plans need to be flexible. Understanding what you have and how it can work for you is key.

We work with those planning retirement by setting out clearly what will be required.  This process that can be done at any stage, but the earlier the better.

We provide advice to a wide range of those thinking about retirement and even those that are some way from it.  Whilst individual circumstances need consideration, there are five key issues that occur time and time again:

1, How much is enough?
Whether it is capital or income at retirement, it is important to address how much is enough.

The journey to understand how much is enough should begin a long time before retirement.  Many have no idea what they might need.  We can help establish what the end goal might look like and work backwards to create a plan that helps you get there.

Careful questioning can establish what is important and how much is enough.  Once established, a good financial plan backed up with cashflow modelling, will ensure you remain on track for the retirement you want.  Proper measurement and assessment can help you adjust your planning as you progress towards your retirement.  We can
help to ensure that yo u do not make any mistakes that might threaten the quality of your retirement.

2, How much can I save?
Pension savings rules are very complex and not easily understood. We can bring clarity.

Many people will rely on their workplace schemes without understanding what is provided and what other options are available to maximise their chances of a comfortable retirement.

Pension saving is very tax efficient and therefore understanding and managing taxation is a very useful tool in preparing for retirement.

We take away the worry by ensuring a plan is created that includes short, medium and longer term savings goals and through cashflow planning we can show what impact that might have on your retirement.

3, I want my money to work hard
You have worked hard for your money, so it must work hard for you.

Some have had bad experiences of pension planning.   Old style schemes that were complex, costly and poorly invested have rightfully gained lots of bad press.

By ensuring that you have an appropriate pension plan that reflects your needs and is cost effective, combined with a carefully thought through investment strategy, we can create a powerful plan to ensure your money works hard and your goals are met.

4, I want to look after my Family
Understanding how your pension arrangements can provide for your family is important for many.

Under pension flexibility, the death benefits from your pension are more attractive than ever.  For some this means that in fact their pension arrangement may be the last asset they access in retirement.

We can help you understand the benefits from each scheme and how they can be used, in conjunction with other assets, to provide for your retirement and beyond.

5, I don’t want the stress
Pensions are extremely tax efficient but unfortunately they are also very complicated and confusing.

We simplify everything that can be simplified, speaking to you in a way you can understand without any jargon.  We can guide you through the pension minefield, keeping it clear and simple at the same time.

We will deal with the administration of your financial affairs, so you can focus on enjoying your life pre and post retirement.

A financial plan, created by an experienced financial planner, will help to eliminate the stress of uncertainty.  Careful creation of a plan, which is regularly tested, will ensure peace of mind.

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