Estate planning – too important to put on hold


All too often, people put off estate planning. This is understandable as, rather than preparing for the here and now, it requires you to consider what will happen when your life is over, hardly something most of us rush to contemplate.

Consequently, estate planning often becomes, and all too often remains, a do-it-tomorrow task. When it could suddenly become all-important it might be too late. After all, accidents and sudden illnesses – such as Covid-19 – can and do happen.

The guide below will help you prepare effective plans that will help ensure you control what happens to your estate.

You and yours – estate planning

We can help with your estate planning and IHT planning in several ways:

● Keeping you updated on the progress of simplification proposals and Budget changes.
● Working with your other professional advisers to optimise the estate and tax-planning aspects of your will.
● Advising on the various tax implications involved in lifetime gifts.
● Reviewing your pension provision and suggesting ways to improve its role in your estate planning.
● Arranging investments and life assurance to help reduce or fund IHT.
● Helping you understand how trusts work.
● Keeping you advised on how any new legislation could affect your estate planning.

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