Is your investment strategy keeping pace?


Investment planning is now more of a science than an art.  Technology, ever-increasing investment opportunities and stricter regulation have all encouraged a more scientific approach. But has your investment strategy kept pace?

Investment planning and asset allocation is a multi-stage process. The actual execution of investment transactions is virtually instantaneous, but the decisions behind them need time and should not be hurried. Taking action under pressure, for example as a result of the market reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic, is best avoided. There are many different approaches to the investment planning and asset allocation process, but most will broadly follow the step-by-step framework explained in this guide.

We can help with your investment planning and asset allocation in several ways:

● Obtain up-to-date valuations, acquisition dates and initial outlay for your existing investments, including pension plans and any investment-linked life assurance. This gives a clear picture of your starting point.
● Guide you through the setting of your investment goals, helping you to consider how much risk you are willing to accept and the level of potential loss that you can tolerate.
● Recommend appropriate asset allocations, fund and platform providers, drawing on our extensive market knowledge.
● Undertake reviews of your plan to keep it on track with your investment goals.
● Keep you advised on how any new government legislation could affect your investments.

Read our guide below:

Investment planning and asset allocation

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