Retirement means the work is done, right? WRONG!!


We help retirees to be confident their money will outlast them and ensure their families are protected in a tax efficient way.

The financial advice industry is often associated with complexity and, some might say deliberate, smoke and mirrors. It is therefore little wonder that many remain cautious about employing a financial adviser.

Perhaps this can also be traced to a lack of understanding as to the problems that good financial planning advice can solve.

We think it’s simple.

We provide advice to a wide range of retirees and their families. Whilst individual circumstances need consideration, there are five key issues that occur time and time again:

1, How much is enough? – Proper measurement and assessment will often lead to decisions to increase spending or gifting to family during the retirees lifetime, but only through an ongoing review process can true financial freedom be obtained.

2, I Don’t want to lose my capital – A lifetime of hard work should lead to a pleasant retirement, safe in the knowledge that there is enough money to do the nicer things in life . This will often mean protection of capital is likely to be a high priority.  We take away the worry by ensuring a plan is created that includes short, medium and longer term considerations to balance risk and reward with your overall goals.

3, I want my money to work hard – You have worked hard for your money, so in retirement, it now must work hard for you.  Your money needs to work hard for you beyond the initial excitement of retirement, when things like world travel might be important. It also needs to help much later in life for things like long term care.

4, I want to look after my Family – You will want to ensure that the right funds end up in the right hands at the right time, without paying a fortune in tax to the government.  We can provide
guidance on estate and Inheritance tax planning to identify opportunities for passing on wealth efficiently.

5, I don’t want the stress – We simplify everything that can be simplified, speaking to you in a way you can understand without any jargon.  We will deal with the administration of your financial affairs, so you can focus on enjoying your retirement.

Retirement may no longer be a one off event and the transition may come in stages. This means that your plans need to be flexible.

We work with retirees who want clarity and a financial plan that adapts to their changing needs. We use our experience to create a plan that ensures you will not run out of money, but also to ensure the plan is flexible and regularly reviewed.

Please see our guide below for further details.

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